thetford control board SN C250 S, C250 CS and C250 CWE


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Thetford SC250 control SN for use with cassette toilets C250 S, C250 CS and C250 CWE.

Thetford part number: 50709

Please Note: make sure it is the SN control you need as there are also Control SW and Control FF available for the C250 range of cassette toilets.

The Thetford control SN is suitable for the cassette toilet C250 S and is listed as item:

  • 7. Control SN (50540)

The same part can also be used for the cassette toilet C250 CS which is listed as item:

  • 11. Control SN (50540)

Also suitable for cassette toilet C250 CWE and listed as item:

  • 8 Control SN (50540)
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