powrtouch evolution motor mover twin axle manual

powrtouch evolution motor mover twin axle manual

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Powrtouch Evolution manual standard twin (two wheel drive) caravan motor mover, this caravan mover will drive any twin axle up a minimum slope of 1 in 4; your decision on which twin axle caravan mover to purchase is now down to your space/manoeuvrability requirements. i.e. If only gentle turns in a reasonable space are required then this mover will prove highly satisfactory.

It now makes no difference whether the unit is fitted on the front wheels or behind the rear wheels because it will give the same performance.

For more manoeuvrability of twin axle caravans there is the 'all wheel drive' version which drive all 4 wheels.

Powrtouch motor movers use either a manual engagement or automatic engagement of the rollers to the caravan wheels; automatic can be engaged via the remote control whilst with manual motor movers the roller is positioned by use of a socket wrench.

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