milenco mgi steady xl towing mirror - Milenco

milenco mgi steady xl towing mirror - Milenco

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This budget mirror is ideal for those who tow occasionally. The MGI steady XL view mirrors are simple to fit, but more importantly, they meet all the latest safety regulations for towing mirrors. The tensioning straps and handles means they can be adjusted to fit most typical traditional car mirrors. 

This is a larger strap on mirror with long articulated arms so it can fit vehicles with large mirrors, such as vans, 4x4's etc. For vehicles with shaped mirrors or teardrop mirrors, you can try the milenco aero 3 mirror range.

Don't break the law and keep safe! If you need to know more about the UK laws when towing a caravan and the fines and points you can incur for not being safe please see the website. It's cheaper and safer to have the correct equipment fitted rather than pay for it later.

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