care-avan polish 500ml - Care-avan

care-avan polish 500ml - Care-avan


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Introducing the Care-avan Caravan Polish 500ml, a meticulously researched and developed solution tailored to meet the needs of all caravan owners. Specially formulated for use on various surfaces including GRP, Gelcote, and Bailey Alu-tech, this polish provides comprehensive protection and rejuvenation.

One of its key features is the ability to effectively reduce UV damage caused by the sun's harsh rays. By forming a protective barrier, it shields the caravan's exterior from fading, discoloration, and deterioration over time. Say goodbye to the worry of unsightly sun-induced damages!

Moreover, the Care-avan Caravan Polish is engineered to repel road dirt film, salts, and general atmospheric fall-out. No more struggling with stubborn stains and grime accumulated during your journeys. With this high-performance polish, maintaining a pristine and gleaming caravan becomes effortless.

Care-avan's advanced formulation ensures compatibility with a wide range of caravan surfaces, guaranteeing optimal results and long-lasting protection. Keep your caravan looking its best and extend its lifespan with the Care-avan Caravan Polish—the perfect solution for all your caravan surface care needs.


  • Caravan Polish
  • Use on various surfaces including GRP, Gelcote, and Bailey Alu-tech
  • Reduce UV damage
  • Rrepel road dirt film, salts, and general atmospheric fall-out
  • Endorsed by Bailey Caravans

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